Returns Policy


Professional quality latex glove palms are used by HO SOCCER’S many endorsed professional goalkeepers around the World. They play on the best quality grass surfaces and use professional balls. They will often only wear the same gloves for 4 to 8 games/training sessions depending on conditions and game length. Our professional quality gloves are designed to give excellent performance in all conditions but will not necessarily give long durable palm life due to the extreme delicate and softness of these latex palms. If this is a concern please choose an alternative glove from the HO SOCCER range.

Please ensure that you place your order carefully as postage on all returned goods will not be covered within your purchase and we will not refund the original postage costs.

If for some reason an item/s that you order from us is not required you may return it to us provided you have first informed us by email within 14 days of your purchase and have explained the reason for the return. The product should not have been personalised in any way and should be sent back to us in it’s original conditional within 14 days of purchase and it must be in the original packaging.

Latex Foam Palms

IMPORTANT- Please note that our latex foam palms are extremely soft and comfortable and provide excellent grip in most conditions. However, the softness and grip of our latex palms are subject to normal wear and tear.

Therefore HO SOCCER UK LTD cannot be responsible for abrasion to the latex palms that results from normal wear, or damage caused by being used outside the intended and recommended use for goalkeeping.

Roll Finger, Negative Cut and Hybrid Style latex palms


Roll Finger, Negative Cut and Hybrid style latex palms are very popular styles in the HO SOCCER range and the stitched seams on the palms and also on the fingers come under immense stress during the course of training and games and so HO SOCCER UK will not offer replacements or refunds for broken or split seams and damaged latex around the areas of the glove that experiences the most stress.

We highly recommend that great care is taken when putting your HO SOCCER gloves on and also when taking them off especially the roll finger styles. For example, never pull the gloves off the hand using the fingers of the glove as a grip to remove the gloves as this puts a great deal of stress on the stitching areas of the gloves at the base of the fingers and can cause the stitching to break. Also, wearing gloves with latex palms on different types of playing surfaces may affect the wear and life of the gloves. For example 3g, 4g and astro turf surfaces can cause increased wear to the latex palms.

Please remember your gloves are soft and delicate, so take care of them and they will take care of you!

See our Glove Care Guide.